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Windscreen Replacement

Repair or Replace?

Autoscreen Ltd will always complete a repair if possible, however, most chips on the windscreen are too big to be repaired, and will not offer the right amount of structural integrity required for safe driving. If this is the case, we will offer a windscreen replacement, using market-leading windscreens, mostly recommended by the vehicle manufacturers.


Unsure as to whether the windscreen is repairable?

Windscreen Features

Our experts may ask you questions about what features are included on your windscreen. This is so we can get the correct match for your windscreen replacement. Such features include:

Heated Windscreen

These are fine wavy lines that can heat your windscreen, mostly used to de-mist or de-frost.

Rain Sensor

Do your wipers automatically turn on when it begins to rain?

Light Sensors

Do your headlights automatically turn on when it becomes night?

Top-Tinted Windscreen

Is there a tint on the top of your windscreen that causes a variation in colour?

Tinted Windscreen

Is there a tint on your windscreen that causes variation in colour?

Head Up Display (HUD)

Is there a screen that is projected onto your windscreen, above the steering wheel?

Stack of Tires

Are you Fully Comprehensive?

If you have fully comprehensive insurance cover, you may be entitled to free repairs.
Contact us to find out more.

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